The Data Protection Authority of the Faroe Islands is an independent public body set up to protect the right to privacy for individuals.

The Data Protection Authority is financed by the Faroese government and administratively subordinate to the Prime Minister’s Office – Løgmansskrivsstovan.

Five people work at the Secretariat which is headed by a Director.

The Council is set by the Prime Minister’s Office and is composed of a chairman which is a legally qualified person,  and two other members. Members of the Council are appointed for a term of four years. The council lays down its own rules of procedure and detailed rules on the division of work between the Council and the Secretariat.

The Data Protection Authority consists of a Council and a Secreteriat and is responsible for the supervision of all processing operations and activity covered by the Act on processing of personal data (Act no. 73 of 8 May 2001 as amended by Act no. 24 of 17 May 2004).

The main objective of the Act on processing of personal data is to protect natural persons when personal data is being processed and to ensure that the processing of personal data respects the subjects’ fundamental rights and freedoms and that the processing is based on personal data of high quality.

Through information, dialogue, complaints, fines and inspection, the Data Protection Authority supervises that other public authorities, public and private companies, organizations and individuals follow data protection legislation.

In 2010 the Faroe Islands were considered by the European Union to be a country that can provide an adequate level of protection relating to processing of personal data.
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Reyngøta 33, Tórshavn

Act on the protection of personal data

Act no. 80 on the 7. June 2020

Special commentary to the Draft Data Protection Act